Enhanced Stability. Long Flight Duration. Smart Power Management.

Improve individual outdoor flight mission with this foldable arm design drone with a flight duration up to 40 minutes and smart power management system that helps you have everything under control. RTK and GPS positioning directs centimeter-accurate flight. Start accurate orientation flight in a second.

Light, Fast, Intelligent

With a portable carbon-consolidated small size, strong landing gears, and short arms, EPSILON 22 can be conveniently brought with you for any emergency situations or any geographic sceneries that require quick deployment and stability, yet meanwhile keeping a high-intensity body. Equipped with GCS, EPSILON 22 is capable of initializing autopilot or being controlled by ground handing station by means of retrieving preserved flight course from memory. To our satisfaction, high-intensity and large capacity lithium battery boost flight duration up to 40 minutes with the cooperation of a high-efficiency power-driving system.

Foldable Design
Precise Positioning
Fast and Efficiency
Comprehensive Industrial Chain

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  1. We encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship

    We believe that to attract and retain the best people in the world, we need to provide an environment that is fun, challenging and allows people’s talents to shine. We encourage all our staff to look deeply into growing markets and challenge the status quo. We support them as they find unmet market needs and suggest new product and commercial ideas.

  2. We support our clients in unique ways

    In addition to accessing our services, many of our clients benefit from leveraging our re-usable hardware and software platforms, and some prefer to order complete, commercially available products.

  3. PI Design services

    PI Design provides end-to-end design and engineering capabilities to help you develop and commercialize regulated biomedical products and hi-tech connected devices. We excel at exploiting the technology convergence between sectors such as Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Digital Health, Industrial and Consumer products.

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RL Innovation is built on a set of principles that align our goals and behavior with that of our clients. It is these principles that differentiate us from our competitors and it is these principles that enable us to turn technologies in to products that deliver commercial success to you.

Our portfolio spans key sectors of strength in the Pittsburgh region including robotics, artificial intelligence, medical devices, retail technologies, enterprise software and others.

We support tech entrepreneurs through each stage of their idea , helping them build their startup from scratch, find the resources to grow their company and find the funding they need to keep their idea moving forward.

Route Planning and Autopiot

Through ground control station, it becomes operatable that flight route planning and autopilot can be handled using less man power. Simplified functions are as well operating-friendly even for a UAV fresher to set about accomplishing his tasks.

40-minute Flight Duration

Installed with a high-density Lithium battery and paired with highly efficient power system, its empty load maximum flight duration reaches 40 minutes. You can finish more complicated workflow and increase workload in an individual flight to reduce work cycle.

Stable Performance and Powerful

The intelligent multiple frequency redundant IMU developed by its own gives a great improvement on the stability of the whole system. High-efficiency brushless motor with carbon fiber propellers and high-voltage battery together enlarge drones flight duration up to 40 mins.

Various Application Sceneries



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